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The Most WASTEFUL Time of the Year

Christmas….”It’s the most WASTEFUL time of the year.”

Last year the US alone generated 812,000 tons of garbage during the holiday season😳. How can you help reduce those numbers this year and those going forward?
1. RECYCLE/REUSE your wrapping paper and boxes. At our house, after all the gifts have been opened, I start a pile of wrapping paper, tissue paper, and boxes that can be used again the next year. I can honestly say that I RARELY buy any wrapping paper. The last paper I bought was recycled paper….win/win. AND NO the kids do not remember the paper from the year before…I have years of experience😉. Anything that we cannot salvage, goes to the paper recycling bin.  Be an ECO-warrior especially at this time of the year….I promise it’s SUPER cool!!!

2. Get creative with your wrapping. I have been known to use the funnies from the Sunday paper, leftover wallpaper, butcher/craft paper(see below), and contact paper. These types of papers also provide a surface for the kiddos to put their special touch on them.  I would much rather receive a gift(but would be grateful for any😜) like the ones below than from a commercially produced paper. AND let’s be honest….kids DO NOT care about the wrapping paper!!!!!

3. DO NOT buy gifts just to buy them. About 50% of gifts go unused. My suggestions when in a Christmas “pickle” would be to gift cash, an upcycled homemade gift(follow us on pinterest for more great ideas or give the gift of an experience(concert tickets, movie tickets, a gift card for dinner, etc). FOR THE ❤️ OF PLANET EARTH, please do not just throw unwanted gifts away….DONATE them or RE GiFT them!!!! Whoever said that it was tacky to re gift,  probably was pretty egocentric and not thinking of Mother Earth.  Please also do not let gift cards go to waste. If you are not fond of a particular gift card, you could sell it on a swap site for some cash, take it to one of those exchange machines at the grocery store, or show a stranger an act of kindness by giving it to them(my fav😍).

Christmas time really is one of the most wonderful times of the year!  Happy Holidays!

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