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11 NEW Truths For The New Year

Eleven NEW truths for 2019:

1: STOP denying that there is life on other planets. With 40 billion planets in our galaxy alone, it is absurd and quit egocentric to think we are alone.

2. STOP thinking you have sit down to meditate. Some of my favorite ways to meditate are while running or mowing the lawn. Meditation is the practice of being mindful and in the moment….there are endless ways to do it and it does not require you to sit down in lotus pose.  Also,  ANY BODY can learn to meditate-it just takes practice.

3. STOP believing that your religion is the only way. We ALL strive for the same thing and that is love.  Some of the most spiritual people I know do not attend church…. “The forest is our temple.”

4. STOP shaming those who do not conform to YOUR standards. Homeless people are not scumbags/losers. These people are here to remind us to be grateful for our abilities/possessions…. they have one tough job!  Never look down on anyone, unless you are helping them up.

5. STOP living life around the temperature outside…STOP saying its too hot or too cold(think of our ancestors the cavemen-they did it!!!). The inevitable result of losing seasonal variation is obesity and chronic disease, so we need to embrace each and every season.  Our bodies were created to adapt to the conditions.  If we teach our kiddos to only do things in the ideal conditions,  they are going to live a very limited life.

6. STOP taking stuff you don’t need or will not use. Carry  item out from the store instead of getting a bag. Better yet,  take reusable bags.  Do not use a straw if you do not mind drinking from the cup.  Do not buy stuff to just buy something.  Please, please, please recycle, reduce, and reuse responsibly…Mother Earth is counting on us!

7. STOP thinking that shopping at second hand stores, re gifting, salvaging others’ goods, dumpster diving, etc is for the poor.  There truly are people who genuinely care for the state of our planet and try to make a difference by being a conscious consumer….it does not mean they are cheap or tacky!!!  It is actually SUPER cool in my opinion!

8. STOP thinking that hugging trees is only for the crazy hippies….trees are the lungs of our planet. They have been living for hundreds of years and give off some really awesome energy. They provide us with endless benefits and we need to be grateful for them.   “Walk in the forest and come out taller than the trees.”

9. For the love of the universe-STOP hating Mondays. The day is what you make it, whether it’s Monday or any other day.  Most people don’t like them because they are not working at a job that they are passionate about. Mondays are one of my most favorite and productive days of the week.  Bring on the Mondays!

10.  STOP hitting the snooze button and using annoying alarm clocks to wake up in the morning.  OUR mornings set the tone for the day.  If we are dragging to get out of bed,  then we probably need to reevaluate what we want out of life.  Also,  refer back to #9.  Instead try waking up to an upbeat song,  the sound of the birds, or sunlight.  You can order a version from Amazon or “there is an app for that.”😉

11.  Lastly,   for the love of our children,  STOP taking recess or anything else that is good for them away as a form of punishment.  This is the one thing that they need to become the brightest version of themselves and yet we do not give them enough of it???   Completely perplexing.  “Punish” them instead by having them do random acts of kindness….Win/Win!


P.S.  Yoga is not only for girls😉

May the new year bring you much

Debbie & My Little OMies

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