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11 OMazing Reasons To Pick Up Litter

1.  Gets us outside in nature and breathing in the fresh air, which is good for EVERYone.

2.  Gets us moving and counts as physical exercise.

3.  Sets an example for OUR kiddos and others.

4.  Shows pride in OUR commUNITY.

5.  Shows love to OUR oceans, rivers, and other waterways, which also helps keep OUR drinking water safe.

6.  Protects OUR wildlife from eating something they could choke on or get tangled up in.

7.  Gives us a technology break, which is good for ALL!

8.  Shows an act of kindness for Mother Earth, which in return releases the feel good endorphin of oxytocin….High vibin’!!!

9.  Protects OUR health and the health of OUR animals. Litter is a breeding ground for bacteria and vermin-it spreads diseases.

10.  Beautifies OUR city.

11.  It’s a FREE family event that promotes awareness. Win/WIn!!!

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