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Fear Is Not a Factor!


“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.”  This quote taken from Franklin D. Roosevelt is spot on!  Fear can be such a debilitating characteristic to possess-it can flat out stop us in our tracks.   It is what holds most of us back from achieving our fullest potential.  Fear of failure.  Fear of not being good enough.  Fear of the unknown.  So many fears show up and stick their noses in our everyday lives.  Fear has a way of making us stop and question ourselves,  but we need to evolve our thinking on fear.  We need to acknowledge that fear’s purpose should be to make us aware that we are at the edge of our comfort zone- all the yummy stuff happens outside of our comfort zones.  It’s a phone call from the universe saying that something pretty awesome is about to happen.  Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.

Anything worth doing in life will most likely have some form of fear attached to it.  So how do we ask fear to stop making so many appearances?  We need to first realize that fear is a natural emotion that our bodies experience when we feel that someone or something is dangerous.  We are human,  we will all have fear.  It will always be there!   We just have to shift our thoughts so that fear does not win.  How do we do this?  We can learn to recognize our fear and listen to it.  We can best try to understand it by quieting our minds to pinpoint exactly what we are afraid of and all the possible outcomes. If you are dreading something, you can meditate and visualize all the BEST possible outcomes.  Fear and anxiety thrive when we imagine the worse.  Don’t feed the fear with your negative thoughts.  Take Mike Dooley’s words to heart “Thoughts become things….choose the good ones.”

Sometimes we just need to get to the root of the fear.  For example,  growing up I had a fear of snakes.  One because they lived in the basement of the same house we lived in, two because my mom was majorly afraid of them and three because of media.  I had watched plenty of scary movies with killer snakes.  My mom had aquired the fear as a child.  As I got older and really thought through it,  I was really only afraid because my mom was. What was a little gardner snake going to do to me?  They were sneaky and it was creepy to stumble upon them while playing,  but they were not going to hurt me. My Mom had instilled her own fear into me and my sisters.  We need to break the fear cycle.  Parents need to be mindful of what fear traits they might be unknowingly passing  on through their words and actions.

Confronting our fears is one of the best ways of tackling it. Sometimes if there is a fear attached to doing something, we just have to do it. I like to say “just jump!”  We can release our fears by writing them down.  There is something therapeutic about writing something down.  We can physically release the fear by throwing the paper in a fire or by puttting it into a balloon and letting it go.   When we start to feel anxious,  we can focus on our breathing and repeating a positive mantra or affirmation.  My go to is “breath in the positive and exhale the negative.”  Whenever we face our fear,  we not only overcome something externally,  but we grow internally as well.  After all,  we all should be striving to be the best possible versions of ourselves and overcoming our fears will keep us on that path.  Our minds are our greatest tools.  We need to become observers of our inner space… We are not our fears!  Like Joe Rogan said on the popular tv show Fear Factor, we need to learn to “stare fear in the eye,” so that “evidently fear is not a factor for you.”  How many times do we tell our children “there is nothing to be afraid of?”  Its time us adults take a piece of our own advice.

The following are additional methods to helping you to overcome your fear factor:

-learn as much as you can about your fear:  read about it and research it-knowledge is power!

-talk to someone with similar fears-knowing you are not alone can make a big difference!

-do yoga or other exercises- trapped energy can intensify fear.

-change your perspective of the fear or rewire your brain.  A life coach can help set you on the right path. 

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