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hOMe for the holidays

I am a huge believer that we need to surround ourselves with people and things that inspire us and raise our vibes.  This way of thinking should pertain to all areas of our lives, including when getting ready for the holidays.   Why decorate our tree with just any old store bought ornaments,  when we can decorate with ones that commemorate a special place or time in our lives?

   My tree this holiday season is decorated with all aspects that embody who my family is and what we stand for.  All of our decorations send the message of Love, peace, dreaming big, nature,  and caring for Mother Earth…. all aspects of being an OMie.  The following are a few of our creations and the step by step unstructions on how to create them.

Peace Sign Ornaments

What you will need, wire( we used a broken metal wisk)/old looms, yarn/string, and hot glue.

We made them all different,  but with cordinating colors.

  1.   First create a circle using the wire.

2.   Next create the inside of the peace sign by shaping and attaching the wire to both ends and in the middle.

3.  Lastly,  using your glue gun, attach the yarn and wrap.  Glue a coordinating hanger to the top.

Dream Catchers

You will need:  wire, yarn/string, glue gun, and any add ons for the yarn trendills-we used feathers.

  1.  Create your loop and wrap with yarn using glue to secure.
  2. Next:  using glue, secure diffent lengths of yarn to hang from the bottom of the loop and decorate with feathers, beds, keepsakes,  etc.
  3. Lastly,  make your web by weaving thread/string/yarn across your loop and securing with glue.  Glue a coordinating hanger to the top.

Yarn PomPoms(snowballs)

What you will need:  yarn and scissors.   Follow the step by step instructions below.

*These are also great for indoor snowball fights!

Nature: Snow kissed pinecones

You will need:  pinecones( we collected ours from our backyard), glue/white paint and glitter.

  1.  Either paint pinecone tips with white paint or dip in glue and then dip in glitter
  2. secure a hanger using twine and hot glue

*we also brought other aspects of nature in such as the feathers and tied pretty ribbons around the top.

T-shirt garland

What you will need:  3 old tshirts in the colors of your choice and scissors.  Click on the link below for step by step instructions on how to cut your t-shirt.  I cut and braided mine while enjoying the Thanksgiving Day Parade-super easy!

After cutting your t-sirts,   Just braid to make super custom tree garland.

I hope you are inspired by these simple,  but impactful holiday decorations.  The simpliest things can speak volumes and sometimes we just need to step out of the mainstream.  The best part of all is that they were all hancrafted out of recycled materials that we had around the house.  We also made these together as a family,  so I am forever grateful for the memories that we have created.  I am certain that we will cherish these creation for decades to come and that the message that they are sending will NEVER go out of style.   In my opinion these trump store bought decor anyday.   What message are you sending this holiday season?

Happy Holidays!✌️❤️😊🌎🎄

Debbie & My Little OMies





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