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How to make your house a hOMe!

What we surround ourselves with has a major impact on our well being and that includes what is inside our homes. It is essential that we surround our living quarters with items that speak to us and inspire us. A space should enhance your physical well being.  This includes momentos from family trips, family heirlooms, thoughtful gifts, and self made creations.

My latest creation. Its placed at the bottom of our stairs to give us a daily reminder. So simple, but so powerful!!!

Many know that over the last couple of years that I have been doing a major purge at our house.  My goal was to create a space that was decorated with all second hand or handcrafted treasures.  Many of my treasures were purchased from garage sales, swap sites, thrift stores, pulled from dumpsters, and handcrafted.  I am not fully sure why I ever thought it was a great idea to drop hard earned money on expensive store bought decor that has no meaning or significance to our family.  This style of decorating has saved us loads of money, made our home super unique, and provided my living quarters with great meaning all while showing love for mother earth through recycling and up cycling.  I am an avid framer of elementary school art.

A 25 cent garage sale map is in our kitchen surrounded of pics from our travels. Pins mark all the places that we have traveled- An inspiration for future destinations.

An advertisment from one of our trips that I made a frame for from slats that we had at the house. Everytime we look at this, it fills us with warm memories from an awesome trip.

Kids artwork is one of the easiest and best ways to decorate a home.  Jazz it up with a nice frame and your kiddos will feel so special and it will make you smile everytime you see it.

A bullentin board is a great way to swap/rotate creations. A bullentin board is a great way to swap/rotate creations. A bulletin board is an easy way to swap out artwork/pics/awards. I found this one for $2 at the Goodwill

Beautiful artwork made by my kiddos-place in a frame and you have an instant masterpiece!

An easily made piece that has significant meaning to my family

A fun family drawing from one of our trips takes the place of an expensive family portrait

A collaboration between my husband and I is an instant family keepsake.

Taking stuff we have laying around and putting it to use.

If you surround yourself with love,  love will surround you!  You have found your home when both your physical environment and energetic surroundings are in harmony with your soul.

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