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Let’s get high on Kindness!

What is kindness?

My defintion of Kindness is simply just truly caring for our fellow earthly creatures.  Kindness starts with oneself.  We must first be kind to ourselves,  so then we can be kind to others.  We expect our kiddos to just be kind,  but we have to teach them.  I know our schools have done a fantastic job at instilling this mentality in our kiddos.  Last year’s school slogan was “Kindness Matters.”  It sure does!  Its time we start at home.  We must teach them what is to be expected and to lead by example.  If we want to have compassionate, caring kiddos,  we must be compassionate and caring parents.

The awesOMe thing about Kindness is that it has no skin color, religious or political affliations.  You do not have to be rich to be kind.  Although, being kind will make you filty rich when it comes to self love.  Kindness will never decrease by being shared,  but in fact it will multiply.  One small act of kindness can make an impact far beyond what you can imagine.  Kindness is contagious-also known as the ripple or domino effect.  Let the wave roll!!!

We are all born with the kindness gene. Its just a matter of putting it into constant use.  Think about what you do everyday-are you truly kind?  I know I could get better at it!  Just like with anything,  the more you do it, the more it will become a habit.  We have to keep working out our kindness muscles in order for them to become stronger.  Lets make kindness a habit that we do not want to break.  If we all get addicted to kindness, especially with ourselves, just maybe we can see a decline in all the negative behaviors that are escalating in this world of ours!  Its scientifically proven that committing acts of kindness can release oxytocin,  which can lead to a natural high. Can you imagine a world high on Kindness-I can!!!!


When in doubt, choose kindness-it always prevails!!!  Remember your kiddos are always watching. Lets be the the movement that starts the tidal wave of love.

Top 5 ways to show kindness:

  1.  Smile/compliment someone…a stranger too!!
  2. Pick up litter-its kind to everyone and Mother Earth too!
  3. Be kind to yourself.  By showing yourself some love.  It will translate through your energy to others.
  4. Write a note of gratitude or chalk positive messages on sidewalks.
  5. Volunteer.  Give your time to someone or something in need.

There are many available resources/groups available to help spread the love.  Here are few of my favorites:

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”   Mark Twain

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