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Little OMies summer top 10 list

I know there are many people who dread summer break, but I love it! I love having my little OMies hOMe with me and the many little adventures that we get into everyday.  Here is a list of our top 10 things to do.  Many can be adapted to your region of living.  Enjoy!

1.    Chill, Relax, and give the kids some much needed downtime.  Afterall,  this is their BREAK!  Kids become so creative when they are given time for free play.  Outdoors is the best. Kids should strive to get outdoors and play every single day,  especially in the summer.  Nature will do wonders for their mental, emotional, and physical growth.

2.   Immerse yourself in some good energy and show yourself some self love with a yoga retreat/camp.  My Little OMies with be co-hosting 4  retreats this summer starting in June.  Visit 

3. ¬† Paddle boarding at Silvercreek Lake with What’SUP. ¬† She also offers yoga on the boards for all ages. ¬†


4.  A private aerial yoga air class with Get Bent Do Yoga.  She offers classes for kids 8 and up and its fun!

4.  Take a hike and splash in the creek at Holmesbrook Park or any park.  FREE and fun-the kids love this!!!

5.  Go to a drive in Movie.  Blue Sky offers 2 features and it is only $20 per car.

http://www.blueskydrive-in.com6.   Venture to a new swimming hole.  This year we are going to check out Baylor Beach Park which features a 2 acre manmade lake.

7. ¬†Join the summer reading program. ¬†Escape the heat to find a treasure then take it back outside for some good reading. ¬†The Wadsworth Public Library’s reading program starts May 31st. ¬†The kiddos win prizes for each week they complete and its FREE!!! ¬†

8.  Volunteer/commit acts of kindness.   There are so many amazing volunteer opportunities available.  Maybe just even pick up litter around the neighbor hood.  When you help others,  you are really helping yourself.

9.  Make a healthy treat. Check out pinterest for more OMazing ideas .

10. ¬†Go camping. ¬†Whether its in a tent, cabin or camper, there is nothing better than the great outdoors and falling asleep to the night sounds of a warm summer night. ¬†Check out Mohican Adventures. ¬†They offer a wide variety of activities and if you are as lucky as we were, ¬†you may even be there the same time as the ukulele festivalūüėä. ¬†

What do Little OMies do when they camp with the Ohio Ukulele group….they jump in the line up of course!!!ūü龂̧ԳŹ Tammy L. Craig Jennifer Wilson Pinkerton Brian Pinkerton

Posted by My Little OMies on Sunday, September 24, 2017

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