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Manifesting OUR Six Cents

Our girls were introduced to a Zoltar machine on the 2nd day of our trip.  It is a fortune telling machine often found in PENNY arcades…now if that was not a predictor of what was to come???  Money well spent!

Growing up, my mom always claimed she had ESP, extrasensory perception, also sometimes called sixth sense.  Sixth sense is a claimed reception of information not gained through the 5 recognized physical senses(sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste), but through the mind.  It can be referred to as your gut or intuition.  One trip out West elevated my family’s sixth sense and left us $0.06 richer too!  I finally gained a true understanding of what my mom had claimed all those years.

My family had been talking for years about heading out West for exploration and to visit family.  Although we were in the midst of a total whole house renovation with four young kids,  we felt the time was right for the adventure.  What we got from the trip was much more than anticipated..we were totally enlightened as a family.  Six cents ended up being worth so much more!!

A family of manifestors.

We found our first penny on top of a water spicket in the front yard of Aunt Debbie’s bungalow.  She had gone out there everyday to turn that faucet on, why would a penny suddenly appear there?   Debbie was SO excited when she found that penny.  She felt that it was a welcoming gift to her guests from Grandma Betty who had passed away over 10 years ago.  Debbie called it “pennies from heaven.” .  This was a phrase made popular by the motion picture and song of the same name performed by Bing Crosby in 1936.

The water spicket where the first penny was found.

The first penny was discovered shortly after we arrived in Bishop, CA…actually within the hour.   Although,  I DO believe in getting signs from loved ones who have passed,  I did not think too much about her discovery of the penny,  but loved her excitement!!

The next day we took a trip to Rock Creek Lake.  A beautiful lake situated in the Eastern Sierra in Inyo National Forest.  This is the region where Grandma Betty’s ashes were spread.  Aunt Debbie said that Grandma Betty would be so happy that we were there visiting.  At that exact moment, while looking out over a picturesque, pristine lake,  I said out loud “Grandma Betty, show me a sign and I will look for it.”   I am sure everyone probably thought I was a loon,  but I was open and ready to receive.  After all, we were on vacation and I was in vibrational harmony.

Shortly after, our entire clan decided to take a hike to the top of the nearby waterfall.  It was a rather unmarked, rocky single track trail,  but we managed to make it up with all the kiddos.  Once at the top,  my 4 year old little OMie looked down at the edge of the water and low and behold picked up a penny.  It was sitting right there at the top of this rocky climb waiting for us to discover it.  I said, “that’s our sign” and we all stood in disbelief at our discovery of yet another penny in the most inauspicious locations.  Our penny journey does not end there.  Over the next 3 days we would find pennies in places that were scarcely traveled and our faith in a higher energy would be elevated.

The bank where the 2nd penny was found.

The waterfall at Rock Creek Lake.

The next day after another day of exploration,  we pulled off to the side of the road for some random  hiking.  See this is how we roll as a family…we tend to go off the beaten path to discover and explore.   We hiked down to a crooked bridge over a flowing creek.  I was secretly hoping to see a rattlesnake and was looking for one ferociously.  Although we did not find a snake,  my 7 year old found a penny on the bank.  What were the odds?  We were shocked, excited, speechless.  We were trying to make sense of why a penny would be there?  Did someone drop it while reaching in their pocket to pull something out?  Although, there are probably not too many people who would travel to this exact remote location.  Maybe someone threw it from up above hoping to put their wish in the creek?  One could argue that you can find pennies anywhere and that it is just a coincidence that we had happened to find these pennies,  but one thing I was absolutely certain of was that it was yet another way for Grandma Betty to communicate with us and I was super stoked!!!

The 3rd penny was found at the edge of this bridge.

Our manifesting does not end there.  As we were leaving our next destination,  I ran back with my husband to find his Aunt’s cell phone that she had dropped somewhere on our hike.  While we were jogging,  I told my husband that I was going to be open to more signs.  After all, we were on vacation in paradise and I was vibin’ high.  The excitement of finding the 3 pennies left me yearning for more.

Later that night, we decided to go to the natural hot springs or the locals like to call them hot ditches.  They are basically just random ditches of water or natural hot tubs off the side of the highway.  You would never know they were there unless someone directed you to them.  There are no street lights at the hot ditches,  so there is no light pollution.    It was so dark there, we could actually see the Milky Way Galaxy.  We had brought a lantern, so we could see where we were walking,  but that was the only light.  We turned the lantern off to enjoy the tranquility of the starry night sky.  We bravely,  a few hesitantly, dipped down into the dark warm water.  We were talking about our good fortune of finding the pennies, when my hand stumbled upon something in the sand that did not feel like a pebble.  I excitedly yelled “turn on the light!”  Low and behold, there in my shaking hand was ANOTHER penny.  Right there! In a dark ditch! In the middle of nowhere!

The hot ditches during the day.

The hot ditches at night.

We were in utter awe…we were in a state of ecstatic gratitude.  We proceeded with a soulful conversation about how the universe works and how we need to be open and alert to the signs.  I was beyond elated at this finding.  How do these pennies keep showing up in these unlikely places.  Our good fortune did not end there.  Once again my hand stumbled upon another object in the sand.  Again,  I yelled out “turn on the light!”  There under the glow of the lantern was yet another message/sign.  The worn penny was barely recognizable as a penny.  The water and time had worn away its luster and smoothed its edges, but sure enough it was a penny.  Who knows how long that penny had been buried there,  but it was the universe’s way of saying let me really show you what I got!

We found our last penny under the conveyor belt when going through security at the airport for our return flight home.  It was a final farewell, a see you later,  thanks for coming sign.  We returned home with a greater understanding of our powers and what we are able to manifest if only we are open to receiving the messages.

Again, many people will argue that they are all just coincidences and that one can find pennies lying anywhere, but I believe that our sixth sense was heightened and that there were higher powers orchestrating these discoveries… Grandma Betty did always have a way with words.  Spiritually, choosing to pick up found coins means that you are open to guidance.  Leaving them means that you are consciously allowing others to take that path.

The following are 6 ways to unlock your “6th sense”:

  1.  Pay attention to ideas and insights that seem to come out of nowhere.
  2.  listen to your gut and follow it.
  3. acknowledge your intuitive mind and ask it for help
  4. meditate to get closer to the source
  5. go with the flow
  6. trust yourself

The following are 6 Steps to take to manifest anything, including money:

  1.  Get clear on what you want and visualize the end result….
  2. Ask the universe and trust/have faith in the process…
  3. Take any small/big steps to get there-stay focused!!!….
  4. Acknowledge and be grateful for what already is….
  5. Clear any resistance-imagine it is already there…
  6. keep your vibration high…

Ask yourself,  what would you like to manifest today?  See a penny pick it up and express gratitude for the symbol of abundance…..  You just might get more than six cents!

The 5 pennies we found before the airport. I took a pic because I was SO inspired by the findings.

Rock Creek Lake. It’s Cool to BE an OMie.


Debbie & My Little OMie


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  1. Grandma Sandy

    Words cannot describe how this warms my heart . Mom / Grandma Betty loved her family, Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren . Definitely her little treasures. She would always say her family were all blessed ,and beautiful . I truly believe Mom was with you all , Bishop was her favorite places to be .


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