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Memorial Day with Little OMies

Memorial Day is the day to honor our fallen veterans. It is the unofficial start of summer. The following are a few ways to spend the day with your little OMies, while still honoring the true meaning of the holiday.

  1.  Go to a parade:

In Wadsworth,  the Memorial Day parade will start at 10:15 Monday May 29, 2017.  It will begin at the American Legion/VFW.  It will proceed through the square past The Boy With the Leaky Boot statue and down college street to Woodlawn Cemetery.  Visit http://www.vetfriends.comto find a parade in every state.

2.  Visit a local cemetery:

Western Reserve National Cemetery is a 10 minute drive from Wadsworth.  Located at 10175 Rawiga Rd. Seville, Oh 44213.

3.  Send a letter or a care package:

To show appreciation for the brave men and women currently serving our country, have your little OMies put together a care package or write letters to our solidiers.  You can visit or for addresses on where to send.

4.  Read about it:

Here are a list of a few good ones for younger OMies:

“The Wall”  by Eve Bunting

“Memorial Day” by Mir Tamim Ansary

” Memorial Day Surprise” by Theresa Martin Golding

5.  Crafts:  

Here are a few favorites.  You can find many more ideas on pinterest.


6.  Do yoga, have a picnic or do anything that you absolutely love:

There is no better way to honor those whose lives were lost, then by enjoying and showing gratitude for the one you have.

“Be the light”

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