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Schools out for summer!!!

I know there are many people who dread summer break,  but I love it!  I love having my little OMies hOMe with me and the many little adventures that we partake in everyday.

I am a list person,  so every year on the first day of summer break,  the kids and I make a summer bucket list.  These are all activities or events that they want to try before the next school year.  Don’t worry, we also have plenty of unscheduled down time.  Many of our activities are also very educational.  I give some input,  but the list is driven by my kids. Besides the usual sports camps, swimming, etc,  here a few of our top picks.

  1.  My kids top pick on their first day of break……wait for it……to go to Barnes and Nobles and buy their next grade level workbooks?????   Although pricey,  How do I say NO to this?  They want to do a workbook page every morning-REALLY???  Kids love structure!  I figure this is a great adventure for our first rainy day of break.  We will make a day of it and stop and have lunch while we are out.  
  2. Every summer,  we sign up for the summer reading program at our local library.  This keeps the kids on track with their reading during summer.  Every week they get to go to the library and they even get a small prize for fulfilling the required reading time.  The library also puts on many different kids events that you can sign up for throughout the summer.  Barnes and Nobles also offers a free summer reading program.  
  3. I asked the little OMies what is something new they wanted to learn this summer and a few responses were spanish, sewing, and cooking classes.  We found options for all that are local.  These are all things that they would not be able to do throughout the rest of the year with sports, school, music lessons etc.  They will be starting spanish lessons soon-I was able to schedule the lessons from 10-11:00.  Not to early,  but early enough to enjoy the rest of the summer day.
  4. They wanted to perfect their golf game, so we will venture to the local driving range many times this summer and its super cheap for a bucket of golf balls. 
  5. We will visit all our local parks.  There is no better way to raise your vibration,  then by being out in nature and its completely free!!!
  6. We will venture to the drive-in movies and even host a few outdoor movies of our own.  Incredibly thankful that we have these opportunities available to us.  
  7. Strawberry picking, family bike rides, camping, craft projects and a bunch of other activities completes this years list.  When you are looking for a way to take a break,  check out these awesome options!

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