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The Mother of ALL Mothers🌎

On this mother’s day and everyday, lets us not forget to express our gratitude to the mother of all mothers-Mother Earth.   Without her, we would not be here!   Lets pamper her, care for her, and appreciate her just like we would our own mothers… after all, she has given us life.  We are apart of earth and she is apart of us.

How can we show her love?  We can first start by appreciating all of the small things that she does that we often take for granted.  We can find beauty in the landscape and be thankful for  the water she provides.  Take your shoes off and feel her warmth beneath your feet aka grounding/earthing.  Hug a tree…. after all, they only provide the oxygen that we breath!!!


Stop and really listen to her.  Her voice is beautiful.  She offers so much wisdom if we only stop to listen.

“Adopt the pace of nature:  her secret is patience.”  Ralph Waldo Emmerson

We can also help keep her healthy and young by the choices we are making that may affect her health.  We can walk/ride our bikes instead of driving.  We can turn off the water while brushing our teeth.  We can use biodegradable materials versus plastics and styrofoams.  There are SO many new companies leading the way in sustainable  goods/services.  Research it and be amazed!

Inventions for the Planet

4 inventions that give us hope for the planet this year.

Posted by We Need This on Monday, April 30, 2018

Recycling is a MUST!  It does take some time and effort,  but its the small things that matter.


We can help keep her beautiful by not littering and picking up garbage when we see it.  Teach your kiddos how uncool it is to litter and that it is SUPER cool to be an eco-warrior.

My top 5 gifts to Mother Earth this Mother’s Day

  1. I will continue bring awareness to trees and the role they play here on Earth.  Have you ever just stopped and REALLY looked at a tree.  They are super fascinating and have SO much to teach us.
  2. I will make my best effort to use reusable water bottles, dryer sheets, and paper towels ect.
  3. I will treat all of Mother Earth’s offspring with respect-animals, plants, and humans alike.
  4. I will continue to pick up litter and recycle.  I vow to be a concious consumer and lead by example.  Our school system will be integrating a recycling program in the fall.  
  5. I will continue to inspire and educate our kiddos about the planet they call home.  We need to leave her better then we found her.  Find out more at

Happy Mother’s Day Gaia!


Debbie & My Little OMies

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