My Little OMies

“To begin, begin.” William Wordsworth

How do I start writing a blog, when I am not a writer? In fact all of my notes and thoughts were written down on the back of one of my kids drawings-recycling and repurposing at its finest. I am a bit apprehensive starting this. Why would anyone give a dang on what I had to say? Then I start to think about all the lessons and words of encouragement that I am constantly giving to my own children. “You have nothing to be afraid of. Listen to your gut. Don’t be afraid to jump.” Its about time that I start taking some of my own advice. The only thing I really need to fear is complacency. No one has ever accomplised anything of significance while being in their comfort zone.  Although, I do not know a single thing about website building, blogging, and have limited writing skills(this will probably be very apparent to the grammer police), I decided to dive in head first. Anyone who has had success knows that it comes from doing rather than just thinking.  You have to start somewhere.  Like William Wordsworth said, “To begin, begin.”  Simple Right?

What steps will you take today to be true to your inner self and tap into the source energy that is available to you?  I would love to hear and share in your endeavors and dreams.

Be the light!!!

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